Vote NO on Proposal 3

The Catholic bishops and dioceses in Michigan are calling on all Catholics to vote no on Proposal 3 on the November election ballot. Proposal 3 will amend the Michigan Constitution to create an unlimited and unregulated right to abortion in our state. This poorly worded amendment will repeal dozens of state laws. It will affect any law related to pregnancy and does not exempt minor children.


Proposal 3 is a mess of convoluted wording and legalese, but it’s not by accident; the sponsors want to confuse voters to hide how extreme their proposal actually is. Behind innocent-sounding words lies a radical proposal that would wipe out 50 years of laws and regulations about abortion.
The following would be legal:

  • any kind of abortion…including partial-birth abortion
  • any time during pregnancy…including until the moment before birth
  • any age…even teens getting an abortion without their parents knowing


All laws that protect unborn children and women getting an abortion would be wiped out, including:

  • the ban on taxpayer funding of abortions
  • laws requiring parental consent and informed consent
  • the law requiring abortion facilities to pass health and safety inspections
  • the law saying only doctors can perform abortions

Resources to Help You Understand Why It’s Important to Vote NO on Proposal 3

From Michigan Catholic Conference:
An Analysis of Proposal 3’s Extreme Constitutional Amendment
Questions and Answers Regarding Proposal 3
How to Respond About Myths and False Claims About Proposal 3

If they say…You Say…
Do You Know Planned Parenthood?

The Diocese of Lansing is doing incredible things to inform Michiganders of the gravity of Proposal 3, from their special October issue of FAITH Magazine devoted to Proposal 3, video stories of families and medical professionals, and much more. Take some time to read and watch: Fight Like Heaven | Vote No on Proposal 3.

Continue to look for more information and more ways to speak up and get involved in the bulletin and on social media in the coming weeks.

Knights of Columbus Upcoming Events

October 8-9, 2022: Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll Drive

When you see our local Holy Spirit Parish Knights at all Masses on October 8 & 9, 2022, you should have reason to smile; they will be doing their annual drive to support the campaign, “Helping People with Intellectual Disabilities.” When our Knights are holding their cans and collecting donations after Mass, they are helping to recognize the dignity of every person.

For every donation, each donor is offered a piece of candy by the Knight present, most commonly a Tootsie Roll. Because of these little gifts of appreciation, the “Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities” has frequently been referred to as the “Tootsie Roll Drive.” It is a popular and successful fundraiser conducted by Knights of Columbus councils!

We are excited to announce that this year, your donations will be going to  Giving every child a chance to play baseball!

For a look at the great work the Miracle League is doing, watch here: Miracle League Video.

October 16, 2022: Breakfast

The Knights will be hosting a breakfast after the 8:00 am and 10:00 am Masses on Sunday, October 16. Come hungry!

November 5, 2022: Knights of Columbus Pulled Pork Dinner, Followed by Evening of Worship

Big things happening on November 5th! Are you ready?!
5:00 pm Mass, during which time the Blood of Christ will be reinstated and able to be received by all parishioners who would like to receive.
6:00 pm Pulled Pork Dinner in the Multipurpose Room, hosted by the Knights of Columbus
6:45 pm Evening of Worship with Eucharistic Adoration in the Church
All are welcome; invite family and friends from other parishes or faith communities!

Holy Spirit Moms Group: Fall Events

Motherhood is a vocation. Holy Spirit Moms Group is a ministry formed to provide a source of spiritual and emotional nourishment for mothers in our parish. The Moms Group is hosting a variety of events/opportunities this fall, and all moms are invited to join for one occasion or many! For more information, look for a flyer in the bulletin, search for the Holy Spirit Moms Group on Facebook, and check the bulletin boards in the Narthex at church. For more information on the group or to get involved, contact Jennifer Simon.

First Friday Mass and Toddler Playgroup

On the first Friday of each month, you are invited to observe the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus by attending 8:30 am Mass, and then meeting in the nursery afterwards for playgroup. There will be a small section of seats reserved on the far left back side of church so that everyone and their children can sit together.
October 7 | November 4 | December 2
Beginning at 8:30 am

Monthly Moms Night Out

October 20, 2022 | Bunco Game Night | 7:00 pm | Multipurpose Room in Church
November 9, 2022 | Meet at Uccello’s at 7:00 pm | 4787 Lake Michigan Drive NW

Michigan Catholic Women’s Conference

October 15, 2022 | 9:00 am-5:00 pm | Lansing, MI
Stay tuned for more details on group travel options to the conference.
To register for the conference, visit

Family Working to Improve Care for Seniors

Family Working to Improve the Lives of Seniors Living in Adult Foster Care Facilities Is Asking for Your Help

Family, friends, and local advocates are working to advocate in memory of the late Theresa Sella Skrabis, a former parishioner of Holy Family – Sparta, who suffered preventable abuse, negligence, and indignity at an Adult Foster Care (AFC) facility in Michigan.

These advocates seek change to Public Act 218, which they are calling “Theresa’s Law”, after their mother’s ordeal in an AFC facility through a proposed set of updates to Michigan’s Public Act 218, which governs AFC facilities. These changes are aimed at improving the quality of life for older adults and provide Direct Care Workers (DCW) with the necessary education and skills to be successful in providing exemplary, compassionate care. Theresa’s Law would specifically address deficiencies in: DCW education requirements, oversight and enforcement of regulations, appropriate staffing standards, transparency of Resident Rights, and accountability of AFC facilities.

Currently, a bill draft is being worked on by this group of advocates for introduction by a state legislator. To learn more about Theresa’s Law and add your support by signing the online petition, please visit:

Diocese of Grand Rapids Synod Report

Pope Francis has invited all of us, through this current synodal process, to listen and share our experiences with the Church and one another. This theme of journeying together in synodality is decisive for the life and mission of the Church in the new millennium. As noted in the Synod preparatory document, “It is impossible to think of ‘a conversion of our activity as a Church that does not include the active participation of all the members of God’s people.'”

The Diocesan Synthesis Report can be read here: DOGR Synod Report

The report is the culmination of our collective journey of faith in the Diocese of Grand Rapids- listening to and learning from one another. The next step in the synod process: the report will be submitted to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops where it will be joined by reports from dioceses across the region and country.