Adult Faith Formation

Faith formation does not end with Confirmation! It is a time for new beginnings and exploring the faith through an adult perspective. There is always something to learn and do to help us grow in relationship with God and others.  Check out our Evening of Worship and Outreach pages for more ways to grow in faith.


National Speakers: Each year, it is our hope to bring a national speaker to our parish. In the past we have had Chris Stefanick, Fr. Leo Patalinghug, and Jason Evert. Stay tuned for details on who will be coming this year!

Local Speakers: During Advent we have speakers from around the area come to our Advent by Candlelight program for the the women and our Advent by Bonfire for the men.  Lent brings another season of speakers to our parish. Watch the events pages for more information.


The Next Step (Men’s Prayer Group)  – Tuesday’s 6:00 – 7:20 AM. MEN OF THE PARISH – Do you come to Mass on Sunday and leave thinking there must be something more? Does life seem to be going smoothly, yet you still feel you do not have it all figured out? Do you question how God fits into that plan? Maybe what you need is the opportunity to meet with other men on a weekly basis. Join us at THE NEXT STEP which meets every Tuesday morning from 6 AM – 7:20 AM in the church lounge. It may be just what you need and what God wants for your life. Questions – contact David Brady @ (616) 581-1050 or email him.

DIY Small Groups– Whenever, where ever you want. Create your own small group from family or friends. If you would like to form a group and need help getting members, let us know. We can advertise in the bulletin. The Religious Education office has sets of books and video study programs to check out for your small group. We also have great resources for you to use on Check out the Formed tab in  this website for more information. Contact the Religious Education Office if you need help accessing the online workbooks and study guides.

Spirituality- Watch the events page for upcoming opportunities to grow in your faith. Join us for Reconciliation, Adoration and Daily Mass. Check out the Wild Goose video program on