Usually in our wish list we include just that, a list of items that would help support the school and classrooms in very specific ways. This year our wish “list” contains only one item—school security.

Through the generosity of many parishioner and school families on GivingTuesday, we have gotten a good start on fundraising.  We have currently raised $44,265.00. We feel there is nothing more important than keeping students and staff safe and we hope you will join us in this effort and help us reach our goal!

Total Raised so far: $44,265.00

Over the past couple years, we have been working with S.A. Mormon & Co. on an update to campus security for the entire Holy Spirit campus. Through the generosity of the Usher’s Club, we have been able to implement some of those updates already.  The next important step is to completely update security within and around the school and CDC (Child Development Center).

In the quote we have received from S.A. Mormon for this project there are three important sections for us to focus on when looking to update and upgrade our school security. Those three sections are CARD ACCESS SECURITY, an UPGRADE TO THE SCHOOL AND CDC CAMERAS and SECURE VESTIBULE UPDATES.


$58,785.00              CARD ACCESS  & SECURITY SYSTEM (New access control software and new locks)
$11,740.00               UPGRADE SCHOOL AND CDC CAMERAS
$19,500.00              SECURE VESTIBULE UPGRADES
$90,025.00          TOTAL COSTS


Completing this section of the upgrade will provide a new full card access security system. It includes upgrading existing controllers and software as well as providing wireless locks for all classrooms making them capable of an instantaneous lockdown.

There are three important components to this section of the upgrade:

  • ACCESS CONTROL SOFTWARE UPGRADE: The first step is to do a software upgrade. This section is the most important. We cannot do the other two steps without first completing this one. This upgrade will provide all the necessary equipment for a change over in the existing card readers to the updated card access software. There are a variety of benefits to this upgrade, including monitored access to the doors, remote door lock and unlock, and the option to do a complete lockdown of the school if necessary. This section and the next 2 should be viewed as a set. This is the software that will allow the equipment in the next section to work. Total cost for this piece is $11,300.00.
  • NEW LOCKS – PHASE 1: This step will provide all the necessary equipment for a full classroom security system. This will replace all the locks on the classroom doors. These locks create the opportunity for an instant, global lockdown in the school classrooms. The doors would continue to be locked from the outside, in the hallway, but would have full egress, meaning they can be opened from the inside. The total cost for this piece is $37,725.00.
  • ADDITIONAL LOCKS – PHASE 2: These additional locks are for staff offices, or rooms where there are not consistently students. The total cost for this step is $9,760.00.

TOTAL COST – SECTION I: $58,785.00


This portion of the upgrade will move us from analog cameras to IP cameras on a network. This allows us to record footage only when motion is detected instead of recording all the time. In the past when there was an incident we would have to go back through hours of footage to capture the moment we were looking for. This would provide a list of “clips” of when motion was detected. We would just go through those shorter clips to find what we are looking for. Additionally these cameras can offer a remote live view for someone to monitor the grounds if necessary. The cameras are anti-vandal and will withstand weather.



This section will provide one new camera and upgraded Airphone Intercom System. Currently if a visitor comes to the school they must use the doorbell at the front door of the school. In the school office there is a camera that shows them who is at the door in order to let them in to the school. This camera and system is dated. This camera would give a better view of the visitor trying to gain access to the school. Along with this upgraded camera comes the recommendation to have a vestibule inside the front door of the school. Visitors would be able to enter the exterior door, into a vestibule. Once in the vestibule there would be a door bell where the camera would be installed. Think of this as similar to the parish office, where you enter building and then gain access in to the office. The upgraded camera and card reader would cost $4,500.00. To add a wall inside the school to create the vestibule space would cost approximately $15,000.


This is a BIG ask! With that, we feel there is nothing more important than keeping our students and staff safe!

If you have any questions, or would like to make a gift in a different way please contact Vicki Bouwkamp at (616) 3735-6027 or

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