Parish Leadership


The Pastoral Council meets with the pastor to prayerfully reflect on the life of Holy Spirit Parish and to evaluate the ministerial efforts of the parish. Calling upon the power of the Spirit, the Council seeks to discern the ways in which God calls the parish to grow. Meetings are conducted on the third Tuesday of each month. New members are selected each year at Sunday liturgy on Pentecost.

Rev. John Vallier – 616-453-6369

2017-2018 Pastoral Council Members

Rev. John Vallier (Pastor) Paul Frank Cheryl Hellman
Maggie Kosnik Abe Rossi Maureen Schaut


The Holy Spirit Educational Foundation believes that cost should not prevent anyone from receiving a faith based education. With this guiding philosophy, the Foundation provides grants for students of Holy Spirit School and the Parish’s Religious Education programs serving students, youth ministry, and adults. Trustees are elected for a three-year term, renewable three times, and meet bimonthly. Operating under an investment policy, the investments of the Foundation are directed by a sub-committee of Trustees with financial and investment expertise. The Foundation accepts donations, memorials, and estate bequests. It also conducts several fundraising activities each year to grow the fund balance thus providing for future grants.

Duane Kluting

Educational Foundation Trustees

Duane Kluting (Chairman) Rev. John Vallier Damon Bouwkamp Christopher Brown
Pat Kalahar Doug Mileski Dominic Niewald Daryl Nowicki
Alan Rheault Colleen Roth Adam Schwallier Kathy Woronko


The finance council meets with the pastor and business manager to oversee the budget, collections, and building and grounds of the parish. The Finance Council also promotes general interest in developing active involvement in the parish. Members are sought for their expertise in the area of finance, law, building and grounds, and general knowledge of the parish. Terms are three years, renewable once. The Finance Council meets on the third Tuesday of each month.

Daryl Nowicki – 616-453-6369

2017-2018 Finance Council Members

Rev. John Vallier Dave Buczkowski Craig Coulson Mark Davey
Carrie Kozak Bill Kral Bruce Mickelson Carrie Miedema
Daryl Nowicki Sam Russo