The Frank Diehl Memorial Blood Drive

Frank Diehl and his family are long time members of the Holy Spirit Parish community. Frank and his wife Michele were regular volunteers for many HS activities & fund raisers. Frank was a member of the HS choir and was one of the original members of the HS Men’s “Next Step” Bible study. Next to singing in the choir, Frank enjoyed being a “regular” donor of our Holy Spirit blood drive. The thought of having such an opportunity to “really be Christ” by giving up his own blood to literally save others drew him to participate in this activity every eight weeks.

Interestingly, Frank was told during a pre-screening the last time he attempted to donate blood that his iron was extremely low and he should see his doctor to have further tests done. Within a month, Frank was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer which had already spread to both lobes of his liver. In spite of all his pain and suffering, Frank maintained a cheerful and positive attitude. To this day, Frank will always remain an inspiration and role model to all those who he ever had an encounter with. To honor Frank and his memory we decided to name our blood drive; The Frank Diehl Memorial Blood Drive 

If you have any questions please contact Diane West, HS Blood Drive Coordinator – 616-634-6018.