#GivingTuesday Success

Last week, on Tuesday, November 29, marked the world’s 10th year of #GivingTuesday. Created in 2012 as a simple idea to encourage people to do good, it has grown into a global generosity “movement that unleashes the power of radical generosity around the world.”

This year, we asked you to consider giving a gift from the heart to help our community build a new playground. We set a goal of $50,000, knowing it might be a bit lofty, but we hoped and prayed that we could raise even half of that number. We informed you of the grant challenges being offered by the Catholic Foundation of West Michigan, and securing just one of those would have been a joy!

You gave enthusiastically from the heart, and spread the word to others who you knew might make an investment in the future playground. You shared your own memories of your days on the playground years ago. You strategically gave during the day when you knew your gift would potentially have the greatest impact.

Simply put, your generosity astounded us. Because of you, we raised $50,792.62! We are incredibly grateful for each of you! As we look ahead to building the new playground, we can’t wait to show you how your gift will have an impact on our community for many years to come!

One question you might be asking now is…
“So that’s it, right?! We’ll start building a new playground now, correct?!” Unfortunately, while we did meet our #GivingTuesday goal, we have a significant way to go before we have the funding for the entire playground. The price tag on a new one is a shocking $180,000-$250,000. So needless to say, we will continue to raise the remainder of the funds to start the build! If you are interested in donating to these continued efforts, please call the Parish Office at (616) 453-6369.